Fare Pasifika

Change the way you connect with your heritage.


Your cultural identity awaits your discovery

No matter where in the world you come from, your ancestors traversed the eight oceans and through you have found a new home, near to the Pacific but in a strange land. Your families worked hard to provide for you in America, and along the way your history was rewritten. Deep down you wonder, “Who am I? Where do I come from? How do I reconnect to my seafaring ancestors and their knowledge?” Even in families that are still deeply connected to ancestral ways, it gets harder and harder to know where we fit in. Your grandparents told you stories, your uncles taught you about the ocean, your aunts taught you how to weave, and your parents worked long hours so you could have a better chance at success in today’s world. And yet you feel like something is missing: your cultural identity. Today you want to connect with the past even while you continue to travel into the future. 

Fare Pasifika is a safe place for Pacific Islanders to reconnect with their cultural identity. The journey is yours, and you share your discoveries with those you came before you and those yet to come.

Reconnect with your cultural heritage at Fare Pasifika.

At Fare Pasifika, we work to connect the generations within our communities and families together. We want to provide a safe and fun environment for learning for Pacific Islanders here in the United States. A place where everyone feels included and engages with their cultural heritage. A home away from home.

We believe that language and culture are channels through which we engage and connect with our heritage, our cultural identity. By seeking out your roots, you connect to your history, and gain a sense of identity and belonging. Together we can build a strong community for future generations here in our new home, in America.


Be the first generation to unite the diverse cultures & languages of the Pacific.


Start your journey to cultural identity

It may seem scary, but everyone is trying to discover his or her identity throughout life. Everything and everyone around us is influencing how we feel about what we do and who we are as individuals: your family, your friends, the media, politicians - everyone. Although Pacific Islanders number in the tens of thousands in Washington State, we are still a small group, so it’s harder for us to keep track of our identities, what we believe is good for ourselves and what others believe is good for us. That’s why it’s important to understand who you are, where you came from and what your values are. Fare Pasifika aims to guide Pacific Islanders on their path to self-discovery.

So… what does the journey to your cultural identity look like?



Washington has tons of Pacific Islanders for you to connect with. We are Hawaiians, Sāmoans, Tongans, Guamanian/Chamorros, and many more - you are not alone.



Shared experiences give people a foundation to build on. A common language and culture can give you a sense of belonging to group or organization. Fare Pasifika will always be a safe place for you.



As your roots into the community grow deeper and stronger, you become an integral part of the cultural movement to empower ourselves to thrive. As a student you may find ways to make your education work not just to make a living, but to make a life.



When you can see yourself as an active, happy member of the Pacific Island community in Washington, you will have discovered your own identity. At this stage, you understand how you impact the world around you and the impact it has on you. Rather than being a single moment, self-discovery happens frequently, enabling your growth and success such that everyone around you benefits.



Our understanding of the past enables us to connect to our ancestors, as well as encourage the transfer of information to future generations. This delicate balance is something we must all strive to maintain. Preservation is an active stance and is practiced whenever we sing our ancestral chants and songs and speak our ancestral languages.


What can you do today?

A community is composed of members. Become an active member of the Fare Pasifika community by taking a class, volunteering or donating. As the Hawaiians say, ʻAʻole pau ka ʻike i ka hālau hoʻokahi. “Knowledge isn’t acquired in a single school.”