fare pasifika is...

A safe and fun environment for Pacific Islanders (PIs) to reconnect with their heritage, learn more about their culture, and build a positive sense of self-identity. 

A place to connect the multiple generations of our Pacific Island communities and families here in the Pacific Northwest.

A home away from home.

At Fare Pasifika we believe…

Our cultures are woke. 

Language and culture are channels through which we engage and connect with our heritage and cultural identity. By seeking out your roots, you connect to your history and gain a sense of identity and belonging.  Together, we can build a strong community for ourselves and for future generations.

Language and culture are channels through which we engage and connect with our heritage.

fare pasifika is...

Changing behaviors.

Small decisions have big impacts, so we aim to help PIs in and around Washington State make better lives for themselves through education, community and a strong sense of self.


sharing knowledge.

Knowledge is power and we strive to empower this generation and the next to increase understanding of our cultures, how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves.


Developing inspiring leaders.

For our communities to be healthy and long-lived, we must have strong leaders - representatives to groups beyond Fare Pasifika who can help or hinder our goals. Our leaders will represent us in the political, financial, scientific, and environmental realms to ensure we thrive where we live.

Building a safe place to connect.

Washington is home to tens of thousands of individuals who self-identify as Pacific Islanders, and Fare Pasifika wants to unite everyone under an inclusive, diverse banner where we cherish and champion the values and traditions of our individual and collective heritages.


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